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ISBN# 9781943576180
August 2015
ARe Books
183 Pages
Gay, Romance, Fantasy, Dragon Shifters
Rating: 4 Cups

Jules has spent his life as the dirty secret hidden away by his king. When Lem comes into his life, he discovers he is something more.

Lem initially only wished to serve when he is assigned to his prince. Lem discovers Jules is so much more than a prince, but he was made to heal the soul.

The power within Jules is needed, but in order for the magic to thrive he needs Lem. Lem can think of nothing better in life than the love and devotion he and Jules give and receive, but will the magic soon fade and take Jules with it?

The writing of Mr. Michael is entertaining and the characters in his world are vivid. I found Lem to be the best of them all because though Jules had the power Lem had the strength for both. The colors of the dragons sound amazing and make the reader wish to be a part of a time where dragons run free. I enjoyed the writing of Mr. Michael and the characters within the pages of Healing Fire.

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