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ISBN #: 978-1-74175-721-7
October 2010
Trafalgar Square Publishing
Trade Paperback
300 Pages
Non-Fiction -- Writing, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Valerie Parv is known as Australia’s queen of romance and is recognized as the media spokesperson for all things romantic. She has 25 million copies of her 60 plus novels sold around the world, translated into 26 languages including Russian, Icelandic and Korean. She conducts workshops and seminars on creativity and the writing craft based on her best-selling guides. Valerie has made love and romance a career and continues to write because her books affirm her belief in love and happy endings.

Ten of Australia's top romance writers have contributed some of their own tricks of the trade and methods that the reader can apply to their own work. In addition to the hints, they provide stories as to how and why they have come to the field of romance writings. These talented authors write contemporary, medical, erotic, paranormal, and historical romance. Some have more than 75 novels under their belt.

Heart and Craft offers something a little different from the usual step-by-step instructions for aspiring writers. Valerie Parv has rounded up a fantastic group of writers to share their expertise. Robyn Donald talks about Changing with the Times, Helen Bianchin examines Latin Lovers and Others, Valerie Parv demonstrates Packing an Emotional Punch, Lilian Darcy discusses Crossing the Lines and Getting It Right, and Meredith Webber displays Code Read: Writing the Modern Medical Genre. Elizabeth Rolls presents Tons of Romance in the Regency, Kelly Ethan examines Two Worlds Weaving Romance with Fantasy, and Valerie Parv studies Keeping Readers in Suspense. Alexis Fleming introduces The Big O: Opportunities in Erotic Romance, Daphne Clair writes about Secret Pleasures the Heart of the Genre, and Jennie Adams depicts a Foolproof Editing System.

Valerie Parv provides writers with a good addition to their library whether they are published or not. Whether the reader's aim is to publish romance or any other genre, this book not only informs but motivates. It can be read straight through or in pieces. The reader can take advantage of the fact that all of the contributing authors are bestsellers with many years of experience. Each topic is a good exploration and an invaluable reference.

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