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The Triple Towers Series
Book 1:  Heart of a Hero

The Triple Towers, Book 1
ISBN: 9781771307628
18 March 2014
Evernight Publishing
68 Pages
Futuristic, Alternative M/M, Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Private Kallen J. Forth is finding that being a hero has its perks, even if it came by accident rather than skill.

The fury building inside him is hard to tamp down, but until Master Sergeant Lorn Drusk has answers about his brother’s death, he will have to keep calm.

The Triple Towers feels like Heaven to Kallen after living in a sandy wasteland his entire life; no cold, no hunger, and no fear he will wake up dead. Now if he can only get rid of his guilty conscience, everything will be perfect. Coming clean to Lorn about Marcus’s death is a start, having Lorn believe him, even better. Their mutual attraction blazes hot and fierce, finding the real traitor, however, could cause them to crash and burn.

A hard life is all Kallen has ever known, so it is easy to understand his opportunistic nature. He sees a way out of the gutter, and he takes it, reveling in the pleasure with abandon. His relationship with Lorn, however, is barely underway when the story comes to an abrupt end. I certainly hope their story continues on in The Triple Towers series.

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