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ISBN# 1610342062
March 2011
Siren Publishing
E Book
103 pages
Erotic Romance/Historical
Rating: 3 cups

Jake Stone was born and raised by his aunt, Lil, in Boston. Finding life in the big city to be too soft, the hard-working/loving man took his wife, Victoria, to the Colorado Territory to make a new life. Now a widower, Jake has a baby to raise and no woman to help him with the task.

Melinda O’Chauncey is a nineteen year old woman, too old to remain at the orphanage she grew up in. Lil Stone, a benefactor for St. Michael’s, sends Melinda to the Colorado Territory to help her nephew, Jake.

Jake sent a request to his Aunt Lil that she come help him raise Ginny. Aunt Lil has a whole other idea. Claiming to be too old to travel, she sends Melinda O’Chauncey instead. One look at Melinda, and Jake’s got ideas that have nothing to do with his daughter, and everything to do with sex. Jake’s sense of honor may be the death of him. One night, Jake makes the wrong comment to a man in town, and Melinda’s life is at stake. It is up to Jake to save Melinda and in the end, ends up saving himself as well.

A hard-working, hard-loving cowboy is one of those things that you just cannot go wrong with. Jake Stone lives up to those words and then some. I was afraid Melinda was going to be a delicate thing who could not handle a man like Jake, but, goodness gracious, was she able to hold her own. This couple will stick in my mind for a long time. There were a couple of times when a scene would end a bit too abruptly, but, all in all, the story flowed very well from one scene to the next. Ms. Claire certainly has managed to get this reviewer’s attention and I am hoping to read more books from her.

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