Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN #: 9781615089482
April 2010
Romance Unbound Publishing
104 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Kate is an erotic romance author. She is a tall and beautiful redhead who has long been interested in D/s. Her previous long term relationship ended because of that interest.

Chase is a Dom and an expert in bondage. He is a manufacturer of ropes specifically for that purpose. His previous relationship ended tragically a year ago.

Kate has been contracted to write a BDSM romance but is having difficulty. In the interest of research she has signed up for a seminar involving various aspects of the lifestyle. Kate also hopes to explore her own submissive tendencies a bit. Chase is one of the instructors and is interested in Kate, but so is Sir John, a very handsome Dom with a definite dark side.

This is an interesting tale that brings out both the positive and negative aspects of the D/s lifestyle. Many techniques and scenes are described. The story of Kate and Chase brings the whole tale together and their love story is the best part of the book. The situation between Sir John and Kate is a bit extreme and left unresolved, but despite the loose ends this is a very good love story and instructive look at D/s.

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