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Elemental Assassin

Book 1: Spider’s Bite
Book 2: Web of Lies
Book 3: Venom
Book 4: Tangled Threads
Book 5: Spider’s Revenge
Book 6: By A Thread
Book 7: Widow’s Web
Book 8: Deadly Sting
Kiss of Venom, E-Book 8.5 (novella)
Book 9: Heart of Venom

The Elemental Assassin Series, Book 9
ISBN: 9781451689006
August 27, 2013
Pocket Books
354 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Open the Pork Pit, serve some slamming BBQ, and kill a few bad guys; all in a day’s work for Gin Blanco, aka the Spider. According to her good friend Jo-Jo, however, something really bad is coming, too bad it is already here.

When Salina was killed, Owen Grayson did the unimaginable by turning his back on Gin. Now he will do anything it takes to make it up to her, knowing his life means nothing without her in it.

Killing Mab Monroe took about every ounce of strength Gin possessed and then some, yet going up against Fire elementals Harley and Hazel Grimes will be all that times two. There is no question of her going, though, especially with Jo-Jo being shot and Sophia kidnapped by the psychopathic brother and sister. Having company on her mission to rescue Sophia is not Gin’s intention. Owen, however, will not be dissuaded. He needs this opportunity to show Gin he means what he says, only living long enough to make it happen may be harder than either care to think about.

Leave your squeamishness at the door, because Gin takes no prisoners and makes no excuses. Her job is dirty, deadly, and wears on her heart when this time around it is her friends that are in trouble. She and Owen make a great team, even if they are often hit and miss, yet for once they seem to finally be facing the problem head on. Gin’s impulsiveness is somewhat tempered by Owens’ steadfast belief in her, which adds some much needed maturity to her character.

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