Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9780385344128
February 2011
Delacort Press
$26.00 US / $30.00 CAN
320 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Iris and Theo Stern have been married many years and have weathered some tough times. They have raised three children who are now grown with lives of their own.

As the story opens, Laura and Robbie have been married about nine years. Iris has always been so proud of her daughter, Laura. But lately, Iris cannot help but notice some slight cracks in the façade of her daughter’s happy marriage.

Iris firmly believes that it is the wife’s role to support her husband in all of his endeavors and to put his needs above her own. While the dreams of some family members will be realized, others will have their hopes shattered. Relationships are tested and, when events reveal painful secrets, difficult decisions can no longer be postponed.

This book captivated me from the first page. In its telling, the story unfolds beautifully, piece by small piece, section by section. The flow and the sentences are structured with such precision it is truly a delight to turn to each new page. The author’s astute understanding of human relationships and of the bonds between family members radiates throughout. Caught up in the lives of characters I cared for, I had little thought for the passage of time and read late, late into the night. There is no preachiness in the tone, just a deep, discerning, clear delivery that shines with uncanny perceptiveness. What a terrible loss that this author is no longer among us. Like the title of this book, Ms. Plain’s stories are like heartwood – strong and enduring – and will, no doubt, be treasured through many future generations.

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