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Most Wanted Series
Book 1: Wanted
Book 2: Heated

Most Wanted, Book 2
ISBN: 9780804176682
June 3, 2014
Bantam Books
Trade Paperback
$15.00 US / $18.00 CAN
400 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

With her medical leave winding down, Sloane Watson is itching for something to do. So when her friend Candy asks her to hunt down Amy, who has gone missing, Sloane jumps at the chance.

Playing by the rules is not how Tyler Sharp and his two best friends have made their millions. They may be mostly on the up and up now, but if push comes to shove, Tyler is not afraid of doing a little bending.

Sloane crashes a party at The Drake in the hopes of catching Tyler’s eye. Tyler was Amy’s employer at the gentlemen’s club Destiny, which means getting to know him is a top priority. What she suddenly understands; however, is that when it comes to Tyler Sharp, she has met her match in so many glorious ways. There is no way she will get out of Chicago with her heart intact, but for a cop’s heart like hers, there is no other choice she can make.

Ms. Kenner nails it when it comes to her characters' personalities and attitudes. Everything about Tyler screams sexy, and it is so much more than his looks. His fierce intelligence and determination to help the girls in his club are as hot as those gorgeous blue eyes and wicked smile. And what I love most is that Sloane sees this, and sees him, every bit as much as he does her, even when her head tries to tell her otherwise.

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