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ISBN#: 978-1-68295-075-3
February 18, 2016
124 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Max is a successful, famous chef catering to celebrities and high profile clients and the media cannot get enough of him. He is known as a playboy; often seen with a different woman on his arm for each event. After his wife died ten years ago, he has not been able to consider finding love or committing to a woman. When he is offered an opportunity to teach at a successful resort that caters to their client’s sexual adventures, he jumps at the chance. Very few people outside of the BDSM community are aware that he is a dom.

Cassandra is the complete opposite of Max; she is shy, reserved and is completely out of the public’s eye – at least for appearances. Despite there being no pictures of her in the media, Cassandra is very well known in the culinary industry. She travels the world learning about different cuisines, flying under the radar as she firmly believes that no one will take her seriously if they realize how young she is. While she hides herself away from the world, she also hides the outside world from herself. She does not watch television, rarely uses the internet and does not follow Hollywood gossip.

Max and Cassandra are brought together when the resort owners realize that they hired two chefs for one position. Rather than letting one go, they decide to have both chefs work and teach together at the resort. When the physical attraction is immediate, the owners realize just how successful hiring these two chefs will be. The kitchen gets heated up quickly, forcing Cassandra and Max to take a look at who they are and what they want from each other.

The chemistry between Max and Cassandra is felt from the beginning of the book; despite Cassandra having reviewed Max’s restaurant poorly in the past this does not stop the attraction between them. I enjoyed reading how the other characters welcomed Cassandra into their circle and made her feel at home despite her initial reservations about being there. At times I found Cassandra to be annoying and immature especially as it was related to her culinary field. In the past Cassandra was criticized for how young she was and refused jobs based on that fact alone. However, in the last several years she has traveled the world and made a name for herself. I would have expected this to give her at least a little confidence. Given the age difference between Max and Cassandra, I think she would have had to be more mature for the relationship to work in the real world. The ending seemed quick and sudden, almost as if it were rushed.

Reviewed by Heather
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