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Arizona Heat series
Book 1 - Heat Flash
Book 2 - Heat Wave

Book Two in the Arizona Heat series
July 14, 2010
Resplendence Publishing
66 Pages
Historical Romance, Western
Rating: 4 Cups

Lilly Winghamton finds Jeb gentle and quiet, yet he is the type of man who does what he pleases. After losing a husband, she tries not to give in to any emotion but once Jeb wraps her in his arms, she is completely lost.

Jebediah Knight is in the business of law. As the Marshal of Arizona’s territory, his mission was to arrive in Arizona City, take care of business then leave to the next job. He never dreamed a woman named Lilly would steal his heart.

Jeb has a job to do, but staying at Lilly’s place detours him just a wee bit as he finds himself being drawn to the sassy woman. He has always had a thing for bold, sassy women. Lilly finds it pure madness how her body craves for Jeb. As hard as she tries to maintain her distance, she craves him more. Once his job is over and Jeb has the bad guy behind bars, Lilly knows he will be gone. She hates the thought of finding love then possibly becoming a widow again. Being a Marshal is dangerous. Can two hearts find a lasting inner peace in an untamed west?

I think what I like most about his story is the fact Lilly and Jeb are presented as real-life people that the audience can relate. They have problems and work it out through an open, and understanding, relationship to make their romance bud into something special. I also like the way Patricia Pellicane fashions the appearance of the characters. Everything is visual enough so the reader can get a good feel for the thrilling ride that Heat Wave delivers. The sexual chemistry is certainly hot; and Jeb and Lilly know how to definitely produce some electric shock to keep the flames burning.

Warning: *Adult situations, graphic language and strong sexual content.

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