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Destination Wedding Series

Book 1: Sex on the Beach
Book 2: Sex on the Slopes
Book 3: Heat Waves

Book 3 in the Destination Wedding Series
ISBN: 9780425241240/ 9781101516539/ 9781101507131
July 2011
Berkley Heat
Print/ eBook
$15.00/ $9.99
368 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Rock the Boat

Gwen Austin is trying to start her life over. Married at nineteen and widowed at thirty-one, she is working as a wedding planner on a cruise ship destined for Greece.

Santos Michaelides is posing as the cruise director on the Aphrodite, but in reality he is an insurance fraud investigator. He is not expecting any distractions while on board the ship, but with one look he knows Gwen is going to be much more than a distraction.

Gwen is furious when she learns that Santos is there under false pretenses. She will not allow anything to ruin the wedding that she is in charge of making sure goes off without a hitch. As the hours slip into days, Gwen finds herself insanely attracted to Santos and their passion explodes. But when it is time for Santos to confront the would-be thief about fraud, will he do it knowing it could ruin Gwen’s career forever?

I think Rock the Boat is a good story. The dynamics between Gwen and Santos are smooth and easy. I am not wowed by their storyline, but the chemistry between them certainly comes through loud and clear. As the sexual tension and the conflicting tension rose between Gwen and Santos, I found myself more engrossed in their story. Knowing I had to read the second tale in this book before I found out what was going to happen to Gwen and Santos just added charisma to this novel.

Making Waves

Kendra Kirk is known as a prosecuting attorney who gets the job done. She has never questioned her ability to uphold the law, except in one case where she doubted the guilt of the criminal on trial.

Flynn Kavanagh had a great life until Kendra ripped the rug out from under him and prosecuted him on charges of theft. Even though he was found not guilty, his life is in shambles and he has to find a way to start over.

When Kendra and Flynn meet again on the Aphrodite, both are shocked to see the other person there. Even as Flynn’s hatred towards Kendra gives way to passion, and her convictions of his guilt give way to realizing he truly was innocent of the crimes, both know it will be nothing more than a fling for either of them. There is too much history between them to even attempt a relationship. As their lust begins to turn into something more, new clues evolve about the theft that took place that has Flynn trying to figure out if he can trust Kendra with the truth.

Making Waves is a brilliant story that had me from the get-go. I loved the interaction between Flynn and Kendra. Their disdain and passion for each other could be felt from a mile away, and the tension practically crackled between them. As the obstacles were thrown in their path, the plot continued to change and develop into a more intense storyline that had me on the edge of my seat. I could not wait to see how this story ended and I was not disappointed one bit.

Heat Waves is a novel that includes two sexy tales with characters that are linked to each story within the pages. While Rock the Boat introduces us to the main characters and the major plot that links these two tales, it is Making Waves that makes Heat Waves so memorable. The passion and dynamics between Kendra and Flynn are brilliantly done and it really complements the issues that Gwen and Santos have in the first story of this novel. Ms. Lyons has written this novel beautifully. If you have not read one of her books before, this book will make you an instant fan.

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