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ISBN#: 9781603708302 /1603708308
October 2009
Torquere Press
187 Pages
Gay Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Saving Pride

Shape-shifter Nathan, trapped by circumstances beyond his control, loses everything. Abandoned by his mate he saves his money waiting for the day to escape. Until the day his mate comes back fighting.

Kane’s rightful place is as the pride King but the betrayal of his mother waylaid his destiny. Now he is back, fighting mad willing to die before giving up his rightful place on the throne and his mate.

Nathan once again stands beside his mate no matter what punishments may come his way. Kane is unwilling to walk away from his pride or his mate and he will dying trying to claim them both from the hands of his deceitful power hungry mother even it means her death.

Kane and Nathan are two strong wonderful characters who are desperately in love. I thought the sacrifices both men made to remain together this time and let nothing separate that again. The exciting and passionate love can almost be felt through the pages of this story and the outstanding words of the author. I recommend this book and will add it to my TBR library.

The Tale of Tom Katt and Martin Rue

Martin Rue broke the rules and gave up his rights to the kingdom of the Sidhe for the love of a child. The dreams of a lifetime suddenly disappeared and all Martin has left is a half a soul that is until Tom shows him how to be whole again.

Tom Katt challenged his people and chose to live in the human world because he thought he could do it better than the great Martin Rue. Now that he discovered the error of his way he wants to return home and Martin is going to help him find the way.

Can two souls become one? It takes a single soul and a cats instinct to get them both what they desire maybe even each other.

The Tale of Tom Katt and Martin Rue was very entertaining. I loved how it was through a story that the story is being told. The love between Martin and Tom is beautiful and well worth reading about.

Beckett’s Pride

Cyrus Beckett has been banished from his pride for a crime he never committed. His pride and most shifters fear him because he is a white tiger with immense powers but Gideon is a man who can see past the power.

Gideon Sharp is the beta of his pack and responsible for their protection. He has an ability that has always scared off any possibilities of relationships but Cyrus has no fear as the power has no affect on him.

What happens when a cat and a wolf come together? Well the fur starts flying. Cyrus’s pride is back in need of his help but he is not sure he is willing to give it.

I loved this story. It is absolutely the perfect blend of emotions. I laughed, groaned, moaned and cried through the whole story. Gideon and Cyrus are men cut above the average here and there love for each other bears the weight that would break many. A story I will read over and over as it is one that should never be missed.

All of these stories are shining examples of an excellent story telling ability. Each story held its own place of honor and the whimsy in The Tale of Tom Katt and Martin Rue off set the pain of betrayal in Beckett’s Pride. I have never read Sara Bell before but I will keep my eye out for her future releases. As always Jourdan Lane never lets the reader down and Jamie Booth and Kit Zheng really delivered. I recommend this book as an addition to any paranormal and m/m readers TBR list.

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