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Her Angel Series

Book 1 - Her Dark Angel
Book 2 - Her Fallen Angel
Book 3 - Her Warrior Angel

Her Angel Series Book 2
ISBN: Unavailable
October 2010
Alinar Publishing
129 Pages
Paranormal Angel Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

For three years Annelie has secretly watched Lukas and lusted after him. There is something about the quiet man that turns her on and she looks forward to seeing him when he enters the pub where she works.

Lukas is a fallen angel thanks to being accused of a crime he did not commit. Leaving the woman he has come to love was hard but he had to try to appeal to the courts, to no avail.

When Lukas returns from wherever he went, Annelie can tell that something is bothering him. Finding out he is an angel is the easy part. Now they will have to find some way of proving his innocence to the people who have condemned him. To do that he must enter Hell and battle someone whose intent is to destroy him and everyone he cares for; starting with Annelie.

Her Fallen Angel is a good book that contains action, adventure, romance, steamy sex, and two people willing to go through anything to prove their love for each other. Ms. Heaton uses great wording that effects the story’s cadence, allowing the reader to feel the emotions the characters are feeling and experiencing. Lukas’ feelings for Annelie are evident as his love for her stays true and strong and hers are just as evident as her faith in him never wavers. This allowed me to get an idea of how they feel about each other through great descriptions and strong storylines. It will be interesting to see where the series goes next as it follows a character that is introduced towards the end of the novel.

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