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Minnesota Romances, Book 3
ISBN#: 9781629292366 / 9781629292373
February 25, 2015
Eternal Press
E-book / Paperback
$6.95 / $22.85
222 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

The woman known as Stella Taylor is not enjoying her retirement from the CIA. That is because someone is still trying to kill her. Now on vacation at a resort in Minnesota, trying to repair her relationship with her estranged daughter, Stella is determined to put an end to the constant stream of assassins who find their way to her. She has had enough of being an agent, but someone on the inside obviously did not get the message she is out of the game.

Ivan is the incredibly sexy Russian who owns the resort where Stella and her daughter are staying. He is also ex-KGB. Finally out of the business, all Ivan can think about is the beautiful CIA agent he saw years ago when they were on opposite sides of the conflict. Now that she is here, staying at his resort with her daughter, Ivan will do everything he can to keep his love safe.

Calling on old contacts to help them, Ivan and Stella put their minds and their training together to find out who might want her dead. They will have to put their intense attraction for one another aside if they do not want to be distracted. After all, distraction might make the difference between life and death for the beautiful, ex-CIA agent Stella Taylor.

I thought the idea for this book was a good one, and I was excited to see how the plot would evolve. Unfortunately, the story came across as unresearched and too generalized. There were also large chunks of internalized thought that read like dialogue. I found this technique made for uncomfortable reading. The big reveal was anticlimactic, because there had been no mention of the culprit until that moment and hardly any foreshadowing. Overall, I wanted to like this book more, but I was disappointed. I did, however, enjoy the secondary story of Stella rekindling the lost relationship with her daughter. I thought that was sweet.

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