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ISBN # (13) 9780062106070 / (eISBN) 9780062106117
August 26, 2014
Harper Collins
$26.99 US / $33.50 CAN
367 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Antoinette Hewitt—Annie—stopped believing her life would only get better past her thirty-three accumulated years somewhere around pneumonia. Car stuck in a snowstorm, she is pretty much stranded in a cottage and a will requirement. To be blunt, she is not sure how she is going to survive the winter. This does not stop her from hiking up the hill to Harp House, where the owner tells her not to come back, and helping out her injured savior, and maybe planning some diabolical revenge against the man who once tried to kill her.

Dark and brooding, with a temper that puts Heathcliff to shame, widower Theo Harp has no desire to keep bumping into Annie. He knows she is doing Jaycie’s work and talking to her mute child, but he wants Annie, and the memories seeing her awakens, gone. He will do anything to make her leave the cottage he has been using for a writing retreat. Anything.

When the attempts to get rid of Annie seem dangerous, Theo tries to convince her he is not the one doing it. Can she trust the man she knows is a psychopath? Better yet, can she resist being attracted to him as she peels back the layers and finds there is much more to the dark and brooding horror writer than a creepy house (complete with turret) and sexual irresistibility?

From puppets to small town atmosphere, this story weaves all that is loveable about contemporary romance with all that is fantastic and chilling about gothic romances. The seamless melding of brooding and somewhat scary hero, suspense, and light-hearted romance simply enchanted this reader. Once I finished it, I flipped back to page one to begin again…Highly, highly recommended because this romance might keep the sex mostly behind closed doors, but it does not leave the reader wanting at all. Easily one of the best books I’ve read for 2014, since I loved everything about it.

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