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Westervelt Wolves

Book 1 - Her Wolf
Book 2 - Summer’s Wolf
Book 3 - Wolf Reborn
Book 4 - Wolf’s Valentine
Book 5 - Wolf’s Magic
Book 6 - Alpha Wolf
Book 7 - Angel's Wolf
Book 8 - Darkest Wolf

ISBN#: 978-1-59578-568-8
August 2009
Liquid Silver Books
99 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Ashlee is slowly recovering from the nervous breakdown she had when her fiancé dumped her for the counter girl at the Dairy Queen. Her father thinks that her volunteer job at the zoo will help her adjust, but every time she nears the wolf pen she hears voices.

Trip has been trapped in wolf form for months since his father’s men captured him. He never expected to meet his mate in this fashion and had given up ever meeting her at all. Somehow he has to get her to his home in Maine where they will break the curse his father put on the pack.

Trip’s pack has been cursed by their erstwhile Alpha to kill their mates, so all the females were spirited away thirty years ago. Trip’s mother ensured that when the time is right the women will return. Ashlee and Trip are true mates so it is now time to break the curse and defeat the former Alpha. Ashlee will need more magic and confidence than she has now to accomplish the task, but hopefully love will conquer all.

I love a good werewolf tale and this one is definitely worth reading. Ashlee and her family are great characters and Trip and his pack are equally compelling. The plot is full of suspense and great action scenes. Ashlee and Trip have and engrossing love story as well. The back story is well told and the characters vividly real. The trip to the lab in Mexico is fraught with tension and danger and the evil witch and wicked former alpha have committed acts that will produce nightmares. I cannot wait to read the next installment of this series.

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