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ISBN: 0-7582-1482-0
June 2006
Kensington Publishing Corp.
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
$12.95 U.S./$17.95 Canada
304 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

He’s All That is an anthology of three short erotic tales by Renée Alexis. Readers be prepared to be enthralled.

In Too Deep

Eve Harlan desires to learn how to swim. Setting out to get some lessons, she had no idea she would find love in the water.

Jordan Whitaker was a dreamer who marched to his own drums. Living with a controlling father, he never considered having a future with any woman until he met Eve.

Eve and Jordan meet during her swimming lesson. She wants the perfect man who will give her everything; love, trust, super sex, really everything. She found it after spending time with Jordan, even though they have different backgrounds. Jordan wanted a father that was there for him but never got that. He decided to be his own man. Eve allows him to see things differently. Now they brave their different lifestyles to have a future together.

This story is a heartwarming read. Filled with enough warmth to keep the body toasty through any winter, the well written plot and the characters leave a lasting impression not soon forgotten.

Shopping, Shoes, Sex

Amber Marie Donohue is tired of being with a single-minded man. She is starting her own business and does not need a conceited man tagging along. It is time to find her groove and what better way then visiting a mall and shop?

Jason DeMaras never forgets a beautiful woman and it only took once when his eyes gazed upon Amber. Now, months later, he has the privilege to see her again, and this time he is going to make a connection.

Amber wants her own life, her own store, and a decent man in her life. She finds that with Jason. Of course her mother believes he is trouble and she should break it off with him. Jason is determined to win Amber over. She has legs like a fashion model and he is excited she is opening Exotica Jewels. Certain that her store will be great, he intends to show her and her mother that good things come to those who wait.

This is a delectable read. The plot and the characters are intriguing.

Lovin’ It

Candy Buchanan is happy and in love with her marriage, even though her family had higher expectations for her. Orlando Buchanan is the perfect husband for any woman, but he only has eyes for his sweet Candy.

With their fifth wedding anniversary, Candy has a surprise for Orlando. But when she spies a man hotter than Orlando, will she be tempted to cheat? Orlando loves Candy and hopes one day she can patch things up with her family. He has planned a wonderful anniversary gift geared just for her.

This tale is a charmer that will delight.

Renée Alexis pens a wonderful read with Eve and Jordan with In Too Deep. I adored the story with Amber and Jason and the blending in with her meddling mother. The story with Candy and Orlando is refreshing the way it has a mysterious note to it, leaving the reader guessing. Ms. Alexis pens three refreshing spicy tales in He’s All That. This anthology does not disappoint.

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