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ISBN# 9781419941535
Ellora's Cave
92 Pages
Paranormal Shape-shifter Novella
Rating: 4 Cups

Miz is a woman with an unusual but powerful heritage. Unfortunately, every time she uses her power only sex can make it better. Now her lover of choice has left town and despite his promise, he never returns. So she suffers alone.

Thomas and his beast are trapped by loyalty to job and boss, who holds all the secrets of the bureau in his head. Too bad someone has stolen them. Thomas’s beast wrestles control from him, which leaves him little choice except obey. Besides his physical hunger for her, he also needs her powers for his agency.

Miz and Thomas never intend to be forever, but love and beast gives them little choice. Thomas needs Miz, and Miz needs Thomas. Together, they will discover the truth behind the crimes committed against the unit.

I absolutely love the character Miz. Thomas is the perfect hero for her, as she needs someone strong enough to keep her grounded. The storyline is wonderful and keeps the reader interested. Ms. Sivad’s writing is an adventure all its own. Well worth a read or two since it will remain on my bookshelf.

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