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ISBN# 9780544264977
April 2014
Lake Union
304 Pages
Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Claire is the owner of a day care centre and the mother of a young boy. She lives with her husband, Jeff, in their hometown. She is a former lawyer who loves to play the piano.

Jeff is an accountant with a large company. He is a very good golfer who once dreamed of a PGA career.

Tish works in the HR department of Jeff’s company. She is located in “the other Springfield” and is married to a doctor. They have a young daughter who is something of a poetic prodigy. Tish was once something of a prodigy herself in the sport of golf.

On the surface, Jeff and Claire have an ideal life. They have a beautiful home, a wonderful child, rewarding careers, and love. Life is not always what it seems though. One day Jeff is hit by a car and killed. Claire must come to terms with his death and the fact he might not have been as honest with her as he should have been. A woman named Tish seems to be unnaturally upset by his death. Were they having an affair or is Claire's imagination getting the better of her?

This novel has some pretty good points. Claire is a very sympathetic character. I liked her from the beginning. The secondary characters of Claire’s sister, Jeff’s brother, Tish’s husband, and the children are all very well-written, especially Claire’s big sister. Jeff was much harder to warm up to. He was self centered and a bit selfish. He and Tish are very much alike in that area. They definitely had more than golf in common. I found it annoying that Jeff justified his actions by comparing his far greater betrayal with an incident many years before Claire did not initiate. I also found it confusing to read the story from three different perspectives and multiple time periods, but overall it was a good read.

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