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ISBN#: 9781934153314
April 2011
Under the Moon
276 Pages
Scifi Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Alderina “Ally” Rutgers-Wedgen is the mother of three children and on the run from what she thinks is a man sent by her drug connected in-laws. She is about to have her world tilted, literally!

Collin, Nichole, and Marie are Ally’s three children.

Brongill is a man with a mission from another world. That mission may include killing Ally and her children in order to exact revenge for the murders of his family.

Ally and her children are on the run from the Candalarios, her dead husband’s psycho family. She believes that the man John Doe was sent by them, but she is wrong. Ally wakes up unable to see and unable to move, and hearing voices. She is terrified for herself and her children. She does not know where she is or even how she got there. Her surprise is complete when it becomes apparent that she and her children have been abducted by aliens. The man Brongill seems somewhat sympathetic but Ally knows she cannot trust him. When he offers to take her and her children back to Earth, she jumps on it, even vetoing her children’s desire to stay. After all, she has proof of her in-laws treachery and illegal activities and she wants to turn that proof over the FBI and get on with living her life on Earth. However, there is a mole and assassin on board the ship who will stop at nothing to prevent Ally and her children from returning to their home. Fortunately, the mole does not succeed in killing them, but the person does succeed in destroying the shuttle that would have made it possible for Ally and her children to return to Earth. In the wake of the explosion something begins to grow between Brongill and Ally, making Brongill begin to doubt his plan to exact revenge. He finds he does not want to harm Ally or her children, and begins to decide there may be other ways to get his revenge. But as secrets about Ally’s heritage, Terrill and Neif are revealed, they will have to survive the assassin first and that is no easy task on a ship that has been injured by the explosion, and has possible enemies around every corner. Who is friend and who is foe is not clear. Will Brongill, Ally and her children make it to Neif? Will love blossom between Brongill and Ally, or will he kill her and her family, or worse yet, turn them over to the Terrillian government? Or will the assassin succeed?

Hiding Space by Linda Andrews is full of surprises; the good kind! This book has everything, true love, suspense, interesting alien cultures, tyrants, bad governments, assassins, and truly good hearted people. The world building is stellar considering almost the entire book takes place on the space ship. I really liked how Ms. Andrews explained the cultures of Terrill and Neif and how they differed. The whole question of how to solve Terrill’s and Neif’s population problems and how the final solution came to be was really fascinating. This book does a great job of answering several what if’s as well. What if aliens crash landed on Earth and intermarried with humans? What if descendants of the same alien’s ancestors came back to Earth looking for hybrids? What if there were other humanoid cultures out there, what would they be like? I just loved it! If you enjoy scifi romance with a lot of suspense and a bit of angst then you definitely need to get your copy of Hiding Space today!

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