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ISBN: 9781603182522-Print/ 9781603182539-eBook
September 2010
L&L Dreamspell Publishing
Print/ eBook
$15.95-Print/ $5.99-eBook
298 Pages
Young Adult/ Modern Fantasy
Rating: 5 Cups

Christine “Chris” Carpenter expects her life to continue as it has every other year in high school. Little does she know that this year will turn out to be something unlike anything she has experienced before.

Ethan Everett is used to being the star football player. But he has a secret, one that makes all the adoration towards his sporting ability seem quite lame.

Chris has a huge crush on Ethan and figures she will not get anywhere if she does not at least try to talk to him. But she gets a huge surprise when she realizes she can hear his thoughts and finds out he has a super power of his own. As they continue to tap dance around their powers and their feelings for each other, they will learn there are others like them. Though some are friends and others are enemies, they will have to come together to fight an evil so foul it has come back from the dead to destroy those who have stood in its way.

From the very first word until the last, Mr. Mascia had me enthralled within the world of teenage angst, super powers, evil villains, and trying to find oneself. The way Chris struggled with her powers shows me that if superheroes were true, then this book could be based in reality. I also like how gung-ho Ethan was to charge into danger, ready to defend everyone and anyone. The fact that he was this studly jock who loved comic books just made this book all the better. High School Heroes is the best young adult book I have read in a long time!

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