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ISBN: 978-0-06-180877-7
April 2010
Avon Books, an Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
384 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Nothing brings the cat screaming to the surface like ferocity of emotion, and there is only one woman who drives those emotions for Jaxon Castille. He is a Castille warrior, proud, powerful, and as much panther as man.

The fractured fragments of Libby Jamieson’s memories shift like shards of broken glass within her head. She is little more than a shell of the woman she used to be, but she has absolutely no clue who that woman is.

It has taken three years of almost continuous searching and seething hatred, but the time has finally come for Jaxon to exact his revenge, and Libby is in his cross-hairs. She ripped the soul out of his team when she caused the death of his cousin, Diego, but it is his heart that bears the real scars. He never wanted the committed relationship that Jaguar Warriors are genetically predisposed to crave, but Libby was always his Achilles heel. Fear and pain are constants in Libby’s life, but as her mind heals, her heart tears with sickening intensity; she finally remembers her reason to live, and God help anyone, including Jaxon, if they stand in her way.

Where can you find pulse-pounding fury, raging passion, and a love/hate relationship so intense it takes your breath away? Answer: Open the cover of this book, and be swept away. There are few shape-shifter books that have the depth of emotion, character development, and scenic detail like you will find in “His Darkest Hunger”. It is rich, vibrant, and so scrumptiously appealing that you will be begging for an encore.

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