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ISBN#: 9780373-69804
1 Aug 2014
133 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Trisha Bolton is an equine therapist trying to build her reputation in a small Nevada town. When the patient of a prominent neurosurgeon requests a referral for treatment, Trisha is excited at the possibility of an endorsement. Unfortunately she is having an especially hard time keeping her thoughts professional when it comes to Dr. Mike Dunning.

Dr. Mike has little love for lies or horses, two things that make him truly uneasy about Trish Bolton. Being around her sets his hormones on fire. Yet he cannot let go of the feeling that she is hiding something big.

It does not take long for the sparks to fly between Trish and Mike. Unfortunately their secrets refuse to stay buried. As the odds become stacked against them, it will take a monumental leap of faith to mend the wounds of the past.

This is a great story for readers looking for a quick pick without a lot of depth. The characters are likeable, but simple. The equine therapy angle is an unusual twist that adds something interesting to the plot.

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