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The Year of Suns
Book 1: His Insatiable Bear

The Year of Suns, Book 1
ISBN#: 9781772338225
September 2015
Evernight Publishing
93 Pages
Paranormal, Gay, Fantasy, Erotic, Shifter/Vampires
Rating: 5 Cups

Locke is a bear shifter who has had to hide what he was for most of his life. When his grandmother convinces him to move to Vane's province he goes along with her and his baby brother. Of course discovering the youngest brother of Vane, Ash, is his mate does not hurt either.

Ash is a vampire who has just come of age. He is not sure exactly what he wants to do with his life and is at the moment simply visiting his oldest brother Vane. Ash has always had a fascination with shifters, and is especially interested in bear shifters.

When Ash first meets Locke, he thinks the man needs help, but Lock is just surprised that he has finally met his mate, though Ash does not know that. Of course the fact that Ash is a vampire, and a male is something of a surprise to Lock as well. At first he opts to keep the information to himself, but when Ash shows up the next day with his brother Vane to meet the "bear shifters," things do not turn out the way Locke planned. Ash is less than enthused with the idea of being Locke's mate, and in fact is not sure he actually believes that he is Locke's mate. Will Locke be able to convince Ash that he can be his perfect mate and love him forever, or will Ash walk away?

I love Ms. Medina's vampires, and shifters, so it is not any wonder that I loved this story as well! I especially liked the fact that Ash did not readily believe that he was Locke's mate, and instead made Locke work for it. I also love the fact that in Ms. Medina's books not everyone necessarily gets a happily ever after. The fact that both Ash's brothers did not have their mates with them made the story and the world building more believable, although I of course am hoping this will be rectified in future books. Even though both characters are young, I liked the fact that they had both mature and immature traits, and it was fun to watch them both grow emotionally as they interacted with each other. If you love m/m romance and excellent world building then I can highly recommend His Insatiable Bear along with any other books by Ms. Medina. She is fast becoming a favorite of mine!

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