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ISBN#: 9780373067411
June 2010
Harlequin Medical
184 Pages
Medical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Still reeling from the death of her tiny patient, and the subsequent rejection of her fiancé, Dinah Corday takes refuge in White Elk with her very pregnant sister. With her faith and trust in herself and men completely shot, Dinah pushes away any thought of ever having another relationship, or going back to the nursing career she once loved.

Five years have passed since Dr. Eric Ramsey lost his wife, Patricia, after she gave birth to their two beautiful daughters, and not a day goes by that he does not miss her with every ounce of his being. But his daughters are growing up, and for the first time he can really see how shutting himself off from other women is beginning to affect the girls.

The way her first day in White Elk panned out should have clued Dinah in on the trouble she was about to get into, but for years her common sense has been sorely lacking. A flash flood, getting rear-ended, and helping to deliver a very sick baby with the guy who rear-ended her is not the way she wanted to start her new phase in life, but she cannot say she is sorry. Eric turns out to be the kind of man any woman would dream of having in her life, and his daughters are absolutely precious, but Dinah is terrified of ever letting herself get hurt again. Eric can see the pain Dinah is in, but every time he tries to get close she pulls away, and if there is one thing for certain, he will not allow anyone to break his daughters’ hearts.

It is so great to see a character like Eric, who tries valiantly to juggle his two little girls and a very demanding career, stumble and groan but never give up. His determination and fortitude make him the perfect match for Dinah as she back-pedals at every turn. However her lack of self worth is so trying at times, it is hard not to feel like she is looking for sympathy or validation for everything she does. But all in all, her love for Eric, his daughters, and her sister are so obvious it overflows in everything she does, and completely outshines many of her uncertainties.

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