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The Double Recall Series

Book 1: The Forgetful Spy
Book 2: His Seductive Spy

Lara Santiago’s Interview

The Double Recall Book 2
ISBN: 1610343697
March 2011
Siren Publishing, Inc.
266 Pages
Erotic Multiple Partner Romantic Suspense; Everlasting Polyromance Imprint
Rating: 4 Cups

Daphne Kane lives a typical normal and sometimes boring life. She has an alter personality as Frankie Belle who happens to be a kick butt spy who is strong, lethal, and able to get out of any sticky situation. Neither woman realizes who the other is, thanks to a fantastic scientific breakthrough, until something goes horribly wrong.

Zack tells Daphne that he is an FBI agent but it is just a cover story. His real job includes covert operations that allow him to go places most legal agencies cannot go.

After a weekend involving heated sex like she has never had before, Daphne is ready to go back to her mundane life until events have her taken from Zack as he lay bleeding from a bullet he took for her. It has been several months since that eventful day and Frankie meets up with Zack but as Daphne’s alter ego she does not know who he is. For his part, Zack has memory loss from that incredible weekend but he knows there is something familiar about the sexy spy. Between the dangerous mission, a vicious traitor, secrets that have a way of coming out, and a third member of their erotic weekend from months back, Zack and Frankie must delve into the truth and figure out who to believe as well as fight for their lives so they can explore the love they have just found.

I love when erotic stories include wonderful plotlines and His Seductive Spy gives me all I crave when it comes to hedonistic tales. The elements of danger, sex that hits all the erogenous areas, a woman who is unbelievably strong, two sexy men to die for, and enough action to leave you on the edge of your seat is just a few of the reasons I so enjoyed this book. Ms. Santiago knows how to get the reader’s attention from the get go and then have them holding on for a ride unlike anything they have experienced before. Zack’s character was written as this alpha male who knows how to handle dangerous situations as well as a woman who is a firecracker in his arms. While some novels are a hit or miss story, this is most definitely a hit and I am intrigued enough to want to read the first book in this series.

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