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ISBN# (13)9780758242280
July 2013
Kensington Publishing Corporation
Aphrodisia Trade Paperback
$14.00 US/$15.95 CAN
256 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

As the new kid on the block, Cheyenne Stensen is well aware she must earn her place to become top notch Edge reporter. The assignment her bosses want her to undertake will, without a doubt, make or break her career.

Very little in Mace Brandt’s past is worthy of remembering, which is why it is off limits to anyone who thinks they know him. While his stony demeanor makes him the perfect security guard, it also makes him an excellent Dom.

Doming at Indulgences is the only time Mace lets anyone near him, and that is only when it benefits his desires. Being sent on assignment with Cheyenne creates controversy in his life he cares little for, yet sending her into Indulgences on her own is not acceptable. For a long time, Cheyenne has toyed with the idea of trying BDSM. With Mace, however, this fantasy becomes an all too terrifying and exhilarating reality. What neither Mace nor Cheyenne know is that their every move is being orchestrated for something beyond all comprehension.

Reading this story brings to light the fear and trepidation of a first timer to BDSM and for good reason. Entering into this situation as Cheyenne does is unbelievably stupid, which makes the story feel all the more real, since she is immediately in over her head. Mace’s lack of preparing her is unconscionable, but then he, too, is being played by an outside force. What I find to be most bizarre is the crazy left turn this story takes into something almost resembling science fiction. Beyond that, it is emotionally charged from beginning to end.

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