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ISBN# 9781771304009
Evernight Publishing
205 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Suffering the loss of his beloved, Bane considers himself a monster. A killer. Humans are no longer people to him. He is the hunter. They are the prey. At least they have been. Alone on his island, he protects himself from humans and the humans from himself. Grown weaker, he fights himself on whether to leave or kill the unexpected visitors of his shores. But on spotting one particular woman, he sees his beloved so realizes he cannot kill her. It would cause him too much pain.

Amber is suffering her own pain. Her life has been changed by suicide. She focuses on work now, avoiding interactions and being hurt. She blames herself for what has happened and still cannot get over it, despite how long it has been. Bane saves her from dying at the island, which does not endear him to her. His attitude irritates her, and she is not sure what is going to happen.

Bane wishes to change Amber, which sends her on edge. Now that they have bonded over unlikely circumstances, does she really want to end her life to be with him? They long for their lost companions. But can "death" really bring them closer? Even if ironically, it is to save her life?

I like this novel. It has flare. It is exciting. I find the male character, Bane, thrilling, exotic and sexy. I love how strong a character Amber is, and I also like the concept of them both sharing similar pain. It is a great read, and I look forward to reading more of Ms. Ryder's novels.

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