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ISBN#: 9781920501174
October 2011
Silver Publishing
219 Pages
Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Gay, Romance, Suspense/Mystery
Rating: 3 Cups

Joey Fairburn is a young college age man working in his mother’s coffee shop, and taking online classes in criminal justice. He wants to be a cop.

Glenn Tanner is a man in his thirties who also happens to be a hit man and on the wrong side of the law. He erases nearly all links to himself, and moves to the small town where Joey and his mother live. His plan is to keep to himself and work on his new house. Joey changes that.

Joey is fascinated by the man who has moved into his small town. There is just something about him that makes him stand up and take notice, and it is not long before he develops more than a crush on Glenn. Glenn on the other hand wants nothing to do with the young man whose interest and fascination he has earned. It is not that he does not find Joey attractive, or that he is not attracted to him, it is just that the age, as well as, experience difference is too vast to cross in his opinion. In addition, Joey wants to be a cop and Glenn has been on the wrong side of the law for a very long time. Unfortunately, it is not long before Joey worms his way into Glenn’s life. No matter how much he might not want to care, he finds himself coming to care for both Joey and his mother, particularly when it becomes apparent that Joey’s absentee and on the run father might be targeting his mother with revenge on his mind. All of Glenn’s instincts stand up and take notice, and he finds himself doing everything he can to protect Joey, and his mother. But will Glenn stick around once he sees that his job is done, or will Joey end up with a broken heart?

I truly enjoyed reading Hitman’s Creed. I liked the characters of Joey and Glenn. I also thought that Mr. Kendrick did a fantastic job of portraying Glenn and his personality. I found it interesting that he could still have a sense of honor given what he does for a living. Joey has his own sense of honor about staying with his mother and protecting her in case his dad came back as well, so I thought that in spite of the disparity in age, and even the fact that they were each on different sides of the law, they were a good match. My favorite part of the story was the ending, it just made my heart go pitter pat. If you enjoy sweet romances with a lot of action, adventure and angst, this is the book for you!

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