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ISBN# 978-1-934657-59-1
March 2011
Sapphire Blue Publishing
20 K words
YA Paranormal
Rating: 4 cups

Sora Starwind wants to have a normal life. She also would like it very much if she were able to capture the attention of a boy named Liam Crawford. Sora was banished from the Hidden Realm, which was her home. Now Sora lives in a half way house with other paranormal teens. Sora is not your average fairy; she is extremely powerful. Sora also has a very smart mouth when she gets angry.

Sora wants to be a normal girl, and when the object of her affection asks her to his school dance, she cannot stop herself from acting like a dork around him. She is not even able to answer his question about the dance. Sora lives with a ghost, shape shifter, zombie, an ogre, imps, and Sora’s mother just happens to be a fairy princess in the Hidden Realm.

Unexpectedly faced with her mother showing up at the half way house, Sora will have to face her past and deal with her banishment. When Sora’s mother shows up Sora is bombarded with mixed feelings about going home and losing her powers, which is what her mother would like for her to do. Sora feels that there is more to the story then what she is being told by her mother. And when she gets an unexpected visit from someone from her past warning her to not go home, she gets even more concerned about what her mother really wants from her.

This book is an exceptional read. I was drawn in from the very first page. This action packed adventure had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next. This book is like no Fairy book that I have ever read before. This book had the kind of teeth clenching, knee jerking action that many enjoy in their books. This book comes highly recommended by me for anyone who happens to like action, adventure, and magic all in one book. I enjoyed watching Sora come to terms with who she is and who she wants to be.

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