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ISBN# 978619501362
November 2012
Gypsy Shadow Publishing, LLC
20 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Ivy is not looking forward to the holiday season. Her mother passed away, leaving Ivy with no reason to celebrate. Even though Mum is gone, she refuses to leave Ivy alone, especially if she is only going to mope her way through Christmas.

With a little paranormal persuasion, Mum convinces Ivy to go visit her grave. She grumpily complies with her Mum's wishes, confiding her irritation to her cat, Fergus. However, Ivy finds a way to make a necessity into a virtue when she remembers the holly growing on her mother's grave. Resolving to harvest some, she heads out into the cold December day.

When she arrives, she encounters mysterious and handsome Brian. The first handshake triggers a psychic flood of information that could only have come from one source. Ivy intuits that visiting her Mum's grave was a pretext to put her in the path of this gorgeous, troubled stranger who seems to be having a supernaturally bad run of luck when it comes to entertaining young ladies. She should have known the machinations of a witch would never be used for something as trivial as a social call.

This light, sweet, funny story covers a lot of ground in a short time. Ms. Farrell draws her characters with love and humor, touching deftly on the themes of loss and loneliness at the holiday season, the possibility of a new love, and a loving but meddling mother who still keeps an eye on her daughter from beyond the grave. Ivy is not without power of her own, and once she takes care of Brian's problem, a clear path is left for a budding romance. This short story will lift your heart and your spirits!

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