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ISBN#: 1600391834/978-1600391835
March 2011
Lamp Post Incorporated
284 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Bonnie Miller is a master chef and foodie extraordinaire who believes before becoming a chef, one should become a foodie. When people enroll in the boot camp culinary school, she calls them booties until they become chefs.

Trace Domingo is a sports journalist who seems to have a burning in his soul for Bonnie. He does like hearing the sound of her voice. His friends believe her to be a snob, but Trace is determined to find out differently.

Trace has his sights set on Bonnie. His good friend, O’Brien, believes Trace has become too soft for the chef. After his career takes a plunge, Trace enters Bonnie’s boot camp to learn the ins and outs of cooking. He never expected things to heat up, nor to demand a refund. Besides, he is beginning to feel bringing misery to others is Bonnie's greatest joy in life. Out of nowhere, Bonnie and Trace find themselves going off the road in his jeep with thugs coming after them. Their outing soon has them discovering things they never expected; especially when Trace feeds Nado, the surfing goat. Will spending some unexpected time with Bonnie in Mexico cause them to find that special bond to bring them close or pull them apart?

Holy Guacamole might just have you saying the words after you read the story of Bonnie, Trace, and their jaunt after he enters the boot camp. The bubbly characters come to life as Bonnie shares her food cooking skills with one and all. Dan and Denise Harmer create a wild excursion full of stirring promises for the reader. There were times this reader felt almost in the middle of the scenes. The authors have a style that brings exuberance and sharpness to the pages as the reader gets pulled into the story.

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