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ISBN# 9781105201189; 9781921636516
February 15, 2012
Writers Exchange Epublishing
218 Pages
Inspirational Romantic Fiction
Rating: 3 cups

Ayodele “Della” Flynn is an unhappy wife forced to live in a city she absolutely abhors because of her husband. Finally, fed up with his excuses about not going back to Peaceful, her only home, she confronts him and the resulting argument brings an unexpected truth that he has been cheating on her. That is the final straw. Tomorrow, after her son’s last school day, she is going home, but before she leaves, she is told Declan is dead and his business burned down.

Cade Somers is Declan’s cousin, a divorcee himself, who brings Declan’s parents to Chicago for his funeral. He is an elementary school teacher in Peaceful and in love with Della since he first saw her at her wedding.

Cade comes in Della’s life at a time when she is at a crossroads over her beliefs and rediscovering herself, but one thing she firmly believes in is that she will never be vulnerable to another man nor marry again. Having been in her shoes in his past marriage, Cade knows how she feels and helps her in every possible way to cope with betrayal, loss, and starting over. His only hope is that she gives him a chance when she heals. Della, though, believes she is too damaged to offer anything more than friendship. Will she be able to heal and give Cade and love a second chance at happiness?

This story is about rediscovering oneself and starting anew after being betrayed in the worst possible way by a loved one. While everything Della feels and questions during her internal struggles regarding marriage etc... is very realistic, this reader does not entirely agree with them. Her love for her son on the other hand is pure, beautiful, and uncomplicated. Cade is the only one who can understand her as no one ever has, making her feel conflicted about her feelings. There were times when I felt like screaming and wringing Della to get over it; give Cade a chance. It was, though, wrapped up beautifully in the end and made me cry for them. A lovely heartfelt and at times a frustrating read.

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