Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 9781622426638
28 February 2013
81 Pages
Narrative Erotic MF Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Nelly O'Malley is tangling with a day straight out of a drama movie. All she needs to do is get off work and go to visit family for Thanksgiving, then give them the "in the family way" show of her and John's relationship. Just showing she is in a relationship helps keep them off her back. She cannot help that her career is more exciting than her love life. But the day just will not go as planned. Everything is getting flipped and turned around …even snipped and smashed!

Jack O'Dell cannot live with the thought of anything more than a fling here and there. Becoming a widower has left him cold and boring. He lives to work and strives to assist others through lubing and doctoring their cars. What he does not expect is to get an electrical spark when encountering Nelly. He even gets intertwined in her "drama" and gets mistaken for her boyfriend…well the one who is her boyfriend, before the day's events.

When are things going to go back to normal and boring for Nelly and Jack's lives? The Broadway show is in full effect in Nelly's life, so Jack finds a way to ignite her engine and get her wheels turning, using Nelly's own special lube. Going from bad to worse, Nelly is going to find out eventually the man she thinks has saved her could be the one who has attempted killing her, in the crash that has brought them together and taken them to her family's home.

This book is Mmmmmm good! Jack gets to see and remember events through his time with Nelly and her family. He melts some very long-term ice he has allowed to settle over the years. Seeing the many twists and turns in Nelly's life and how Jack's past can haunt him really makes this book very interesting. The personalities of each of the characters make for a story that is continuously flowing, entertaining, lively and settling, yet very enticing and erotic. It never stays the same. Ms. Leyen is a pro at love and eroticism. This book is good foreplay, because it is sure to get you hot and gets five cups for its steaminess and consistency to keep you captivated. The storyline sizzles!

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