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Honeybun Hunks
Book 1 - Honeybun and Coffee
Book 2 - Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of a Honeybun
Book 3 - Fast Track to a Honeybun
Book 4 - A Honeybun in Hell

Honeybun Hunks, BOOK 5
ISBN#: 9781454300878
August 2011
Red Rose Publishing
322 Pages
Contemporary, Suspense, Interracial/Multicultural
Rating: 4 Cups

Dini spends time living as her ancestors did. Unfortunately, this year’s reenactment becomes all too real complete with a warrior of her very own.

Godric is a Honeybun and he finds himself dressed as a warrior with his buns hanging out. He wishes the weekend would fly until he sees his very own princess.

Evil lurks in the woods and has a plan. Can Godric and Dini stop the plan or lose each other and their very lives? What do you do when danger is much closer than it appears?

Sam Cheever writes an excellent mystery novel. The twists and turns in the story keep the reader on their toes. The characters are creative and offer up a bounty of hunky men and women for the reader to immerse themselves in.
The ending is a complete revelation of the mystery which up until the very end was clouded. I thoroughly enjoyed Honeybun in a Loin Cloth but I must warn you it will make you wish for a warrior or princess of your own.

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