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ISBN# 9781608202522/9781608202539
November 2010
MLR Press, LLC
240 Pages
GBLT (m/m), Romance, Erotic
Rating: 4 Cups

Afterburner by Lex Valentine

Sebastian “Bas” Marchetti of the flying Marchettis served his country and came back home to live his life freely. Though keeping his secret became a way of life he no longer needs to hide.

Ryder Beckett is an officer and pilot in the Air Force who is gay and has no fear of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell though he lives his life discreetly.

How can a man with nothing to fear and a man with everything to lose build a life together?

Afterburner is an excellent story of love and attraction that refused to be denied. Both characters are charming men who will entice the reader to take a glimpse into their world. Warning with one story Lex Valentine will cause an addiction you will be unable to deny.

The Loss of Innocence Store by George Seaton

Welcome to the world of one gay man’s journey through a career in the Army. Michael spent some time denying who he was and finally coming to terms and finding acceptance.

The dawning of his career was at Polk and the twilight of his life found him right back at Polk.

The travels of Michael take him to many places and give him the opportunity to see many faces, but one truth holds true, he is first an honorable soldier and then a gay man.

The Loss of Innocence Store offers a glimpse of what it must be like for a gay man or woman to serve their country while hiding who they are. From the first base to the last, George Seaton shows the seedier side of finding someone affection without losing a beloved career they work so hard for. Though at first it would appear not to be a love story, upon reflection you will come to understand that it is a love story between a man and his country.

Forsake Not by Maura Anderson

Leo is a soldier who has lost his best friend and comrade to war. They had never been lovers, but he loved the man as a brother. After some disparaging remark in a bar, he serves up some justice and outs himself at the same time.

Rob is a Marine who has come home damaged but alive. Unfortunately, his best friend from childhood was not as lucky.

Leo and Rob meet by accident but find in each other a love they never expected to feel. Changes are on the horizon for the country, but will they happen in time.

Forsake Not is a moving story of loss, grief and discovery. I fell in love with both of these characters and especially Rob’s sister who loved unconditionally. Maura Anderson tugs on the heartstrings and encourages a reader to look at pure love in any form and embrace it.

Strategic Maneuvers by William Maltese

Robert John Larkin III has always known and accepted who he is, and his mentor, Stanley George, has plans for him. One of the plans is for Robert to serve his country in preparation for the next phase of his life.

Pablo Jesus Jose Rodriguez Toledo Estaban Manuello is a young man who will become more than his childhood circumstances would hint at. Along the way he is shown and embraces who he really is and becomes the man he was always intended to be.

Can two men from very different backgrounds span the economic gulf between them and find an unshakeable love despite the odds?

Strategic Maneuvers is an outstanding story from the beginning to the end. I found myself wanting to know more about the journey. William Maltese offers a glimpse of two amazing men who serve their country and hang onto a lab across the miles and years apart.

Honorable Silence is an excellent group of stories that provide a little bit for everyone. There are hot sizzling sex scenes, deep retrospective thoughts and loves that last a lifetime. Each author provides a unique story that when placed all together provide an anthology to teach as well as entertain.
I highly recommend you pick up Honorable Silence for the pure enjoyment but to also get a glimpse of the slaves we make out of gay military members who are forced to live a lie while fighting for a freedom they are denied.

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