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ISBN: 9781629293028
September 2015
Eternal Press
213 pages
Paranormal Romance, Vampire
Rating: 5 Cups

Amanda Colt, a college student, is smart, beautiful, and is really good with a sword. During a class, she meets Marco, who seems to be her match in most ways, including in combat, and despite that fact she is reluctant to share her dark secret with him. After being alone for a long time, she is afraid that revealing it will scare Marco away and that she will lose the first friend she has had in years.

Marco Catalano, a college student, has precise manners, is brilliant, and is also very good with a sword. He also has a deep secret that he is hesitant to share with Amanda who seems to complement him in every way. Having been alone for years, he is also anxious about revealing himself and sabotaging his new friendship to someone who he considers his friend for the first time in a while.

One night a group of muggers forces them to expose their secrets; that one of them is a sociopath and the other a vampire. Despite that, they seem to be the city’s only hope. There have been a rash of murders; the victims all having bite marks on major arteries and loss of blood. With Marco’s genius for planning, they recruit help from unexpected sources to defeat the vampires infecting Brooklyn. Those sources include some Vatican ninjas, local gangs, the mafia, and some homemade napalm just to start.

This book was so very, very good. I love the characters, especially Marco and Amanda; they were both complex and strong characters, but had issues with emotions. The action scenes were impressive - I could clearly picture what was happening. Finn’s take on vampires was unique in a genre that can feel flooded with the same kind of character, just with different names. The snark and humor made me laugh, the world-building and well-developed characters held me in awe. I would definitely recommend this book to someone who does not mind violence, a unique take on vampires, and a lot of action with a bit of awkward romance thrown in to keep those kick-ass characters from looking too cruel.

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