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ISBN#: 9781771013321
November 2014
Breathless Press
93 Pages
Fantasy Romance, M/M
Rating: 4 Cups

Prince Caolan is the second son of King Somerled. Caolan has always been considered the lesser son by his father because he is smaller in stature than his older brother Donal.

Berach is the Master Thief, and the man who loves Prince Caolan.

When an attempt is made on Caolan’s life and he is knocked from his horse and gored by a boar, it is only the kindness of a stranger that allows him to survive his fatal wound. The attraction between him and the stranger is instant and he promises to return each month to the same spot so that they might get to know each other. But when Donal realizes that someone is trying to kill Caolan and he suspects their new stepmother, he decides to take both himself and Caolan to safety until his twenty-first birthday when he will ascend to the throne. Unfortunately, this means that Caolan cannot keep his promise to meet the stranger. Will he find the man again and if he does will he be able to convince him that he did not mean to leave him behind?

I adore the stories of Pelaam who can write in any genre, fantasy, historical fantasy, dragons, you name it. I have yet to read one I did not thoroughly enjoy! The world building is creative and fun, and the story lines are never boring. Horse of Bells fits this profile perfectly! If you are looking for a great read that will give you a few hours of fun and distraction pick up a copy of Horse of Bells, you will not be sorry!

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