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Hotelles Trilogy
Book 1: Hotelles
Book 2: Elle

ISBN: 9780062274175
April 8, 2014
Harper Perennial
Trade Paperback
586 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

With a fresh degree in journalism, Annabelle “Elle” Lorand is ready to leave her small town life and immerse herself in the glitz and glamour of Paris. Her mother’s deteriorating health is a major concern, however, and Elle is very worried about making enough money for her treatments.

As one of the most eligible bachelors in Paris, David Barlet has his pick of beautiful women, but he wants something more. Louie Barlet knows perfectly well what his brother is looking for, only this time he is the one captivated by their find.

Time is running out, and Elle’s desperation to make money lands her in the position of working as a high-end escort. While the job is degrading, and not something she would ever want her mother to know about, Elle cannot deny her excitement. Once she meets David, however, her whole world starts turning inside out. The anonymous notes, as well as David’s enigmatic brother Louie, are all Elle can think about, even as her relationship with David grows deeper and her mother gets weaker.

The youth of Elle’s character is something you must keep in mind when delving into this story. She has barely explored her own sexuality when she becomes the center of attention for someone who is much more mature and experienced. Elle is ill-equipped to deal with her feelings, and it shows in dramatic fashion. Her emotions, attention span, and fidelity are so sporadic it is almost like watching a child hyped up on sugar.

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