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ISBN-13: 978-0-373-79469-0, 10: 0-373-79469-X
May 2009
Harlequin Blaze
219 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Organization, timing, and attention to detail are what make Natalie Bridges very good at her job. Being a wedding coordinator is all about planning, and when a certain someone dodges her every call, her plans get royally skewed.

The racing circuit and his construction company have paid out pretty well for Beau Stillwell. He is proud of the fact that everything he owns, he owns free and clear. Now, if only he was as comfortable with his sister’s upcoming wedding as he is with his finances.

Natalie has decided that enough is enough and whether Mr. Stillwell likes it or not, he is going to meet with her and finalize the reconstruction on his sister’s home. A punch to the gut could not have had more of an effect on him that that first face off with Nightmare Natalie. The woman has him going from a dead standstill to breakneck need and desire in about five seconds flat. Natalie would have never believed herself to be attracted to Beau. He just is not her type, but in the blink of an eye her type goes from a suit and tie to racing leathers, and the unbelievably sexy man who fills them out oh so well!

Dahlia, Tennessee is at it again with one more couple hot enough to blow every one of your gaskets. Natalie is a pure delight; her sassiness and spunk are every bit as compelling as her honest heart. As for Beau: be still my heart, because Mr. Stillwell is about as toe curling as you can get, and seeing more of him on the race track would be icing on the cake. Buckle up and hold on, because Hot-Wired will set your blood racing and your heart pounding!

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