Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 1-61034-297
APRIL 2011
Siren Publishing
151 Pages
Contemporary, Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Her relationship with her suave fiancé is on the rocks, and Jessica Hammond is grateful for the opportunity of a difficult mission so that she can have some space and time away from his increasingly strident demands.

Jake cannot help but admire the shape and looks of his sexy partner, but he wonders if she has all the right stuff. She has a smart mouth to go with her stylish looks, but Jake also wonders if she has what it takes for their upcoming mission.

Jake devises several physical tests for his new partner that is designed to challenge her stamina and marksmanship. The results surprise him and Jake must struggle even harder against his growing attraction. Jessica is not unaffected by the chemistry between them, but she is determined to settle the mess with her irksome fiancé; she tries to maintain a professional distance, as best she can. The mission gets underway, and Jess and Jake run into major problems. Almost immediately, they find that depending upon each other is a requirement if they are to have any chance of surviving long enough to carry out their mission. Rescuing the hostage, held by the well-entrenched South American terrorists, will test their endurance and loyalty to the limit.

For me, the book started off a tad slowly but all that soon changed. The action and adventure in the jungle drop zone is spine-tingling. Jake and Jessica, in the field, pack an invincible one-two punch against the terrorists. Even hurt, and badly outnumbered, the duo operates with admirable skill and guile that just made me want to clap my hands and cheer aloud. It is in the bedroom, however, where their passion combusts into a raging inferno of lust and desire. The intimate scenes inspired intense and decidedly sexy reading enjoyment for the voyeur lurking in me. I also particularly enjoyed the witty comebacks and bravado at which both characters excel so well. This is one spicy read that is likely to appeal to fans of romantic action suspense.

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