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ISBN: 9781594263408-Print/ 9781594263415-eBook
February 2010
Mundania Press LLC
Paperback/ eBook
$12.95-Print/ $4.99-eBook
227 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Eva Russo is a strong woman who knows how to take care of her family. While she was raised within the reaches of her mob family, she tries to keep herself out of it as much as possible.

Dave “The Sheik” DeSantis has worked for Joe Russo for seventeen years. He figures it is time for him to get the respect and recognition he deserves and knows that is only going to happen one way.

While promoting her art on the gangster life, Eva’s father Joe is brutally murdered. Devastated, but knowing who put the hit on her father, she immediately begins to plan for revenge and the security of knowing her fiancé will be safe. As her plans fall into place, other events begin to unfold, leading to a confrontation of betrayal and heartbreak. With the tension mounting, can Eva get the scenarios to go the way she is expecting, or will everything blow up in her face?

I have to say I found House Money to be quite an intriguing tale. I was confused by bits and pieces of the storyline as I began to read, however, it was made clear as I read further. Eva is the type of woman I would most definitely want in my corner; she is shown as a strong woman who will protect her family at any cost. The ending was beautifully done and left me stunned. Ms. DiPlacido writes with so many twists and turns that I could hardly catch my breath before I was being led down another tension filled adventure.

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