Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 9781621810193
October 2012
Purple Papaya LLC
176 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Jesse Peña rushes to her home town in Brownsville, Texas, after hearing the frantic messages from her estranged sister. When she cannot get a hold of her, she automatically thinks the worst–that her brother-in-law, Marcus, is at fault. She has accused him of murder years ago. No one has believed her, then or now. Michael is the only one who may believe, but it is being tested despite what is growing between them.

Michael Cisneros is lead detective for the police and takes the responsibility for the case. Marcus is a prominent citizen, so he has to do everything by the book. His hands are tied because of it, and he is also accused of having a conflict of interest regarding his involvement with Jessie. He works to find solid clues to match his gut feelings and to try to ignore the rumor she may be delusional.

Jessie knows Marcus is guilty. Proving it is another matter. She also has the added frustration of trying to prove she is not mentally unstable like he is telling everyone. In addition, solving her sister’s disappearance may open the way to reveal surprising secrets from their past, not to mention the battle Jessie and Michael have with their growing attraction, which they cannot act on till her sister is found.

I love reading this story. I enjoy the ups and downs, even the frustration and irritation at Jessie’s impatience. The characters are vivid and have some heft to them. Jessie’s impulsiveness and high strung personality is tempered by Michael’s steadiness and persistence to do things the right way. I would recommend this story for someone who wants to read a really good mystery, with some romance and suspense thrown in.

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