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A Cypress Hollow Yarn Series

Book 1: How to Knit a Love Song
Book 2: How to Knit a Heart Back Home
Book 3: Wishes and Stitches

ISBN: 978-0-06-184129-3
April 2010
Avon, an Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
336 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

For as long as she can remember, Abigail Durant has wanted only one thing - a home to call her own. Unfortunately, it took the death of her best friend and mentor Eliza Carpenter to get it.

Fifteen years of back-breaking hard work shows in the quality and reputation of Cade MacArthur’s sheep ranch. He is a rancher 24/7, and though women are fine for a few hours of fun, the tranquility and quiet of living alone make him feel at peace.

Abigail is finally going to realize her dream and hopefully leave her fears behind, and it is all thanks to Eliza. She has inherited a cottage on Eliza’s ranch where she can eventually open a small knitting shop and hold classes, if everything goes according to plan. Her plan, however, hits a major road bump when she meets up with the current resident. Cade is livid about having to share his space, and as time progresses, he must not only fight a growing attraction for Abigail, but come to terms with the baggage from his youth.

I certainly never imagined knitting had such a huge following that it would become the center piece for a series of novels, and such well written ones at that. In this story however, I find Abigail to be a most ambiguous character, and her desperation to have a home seems to overshadow what I would consider common decency. I honestly cannot imagine being invited into someone’s home only to start moving furniture, bring in a pet, and host a party without explicit permission. But character flaws are what make Abigail and Cade so human, and their story so poignant and strong.

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