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Feral Warriors Series

Book 1: Desired Untamed
Book 2: Obsession Untamed
Book 3: Passion Untamed
Book 3.5: Hearts Untamed
Book 4: Rapture Untamed
Book 5: Hunger Untamed
Book 6: Ecstasy Untamed
Book 7: A Love Untamed
Book 8: Wulfe Untamed

A Feral Warriors Novel, Book 5
ISBN: 978-0-06-179471-1
February 22, 2011
Avon Books
384 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The pain of losing his mate nearly drove Kougar over the edge. He has merely been existing behind a stone cold wall of numbness for a millennia.

When she severed the bond, Queen Ariana’s only thoughts were to save her maidens as well as her mate. She has held the poison meant for her maidens inside her soul, and every day it becomes harder and harder to control.

Kougar has never hated anyone like he does Ariana right at this moment, but if it means the survival of his Feral brothers, he will use Ariana in every way possible. A thousand years ago, he had thought her dead, a blow so crushing it turned his heart and soul to dust, but to learn she lives is even more shattering. Ariana kept the truth from Kougar all of those years ago to save his life, but now it may have all been in vain. The sorcerer who started all of this wants the Feral’s and Ilina’s under his control, and it will take reestablishing some kind of connection if Kougar, Ariana, and both of their races are to survive.

A heated battle, a tumultuous relationship, and the deadliest of consequences all combine in one breathtaking read. Kougar has been through hell because of Ariana’s deception, but for all of his pain, there is never a question of his desire. It is Ariana’s character that I feel has much more to atone for, and her unfailing trust in her second in command over Kougar is at the top of that list. Even while battling a common enemy, these two races clash, and the volatility of emotion and dedication are spectacularly intense.

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