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Book 1: Hide
Book 2: Hunt

Spotless Book 2
ISBN#: 978-1-78430-066-1
June 2014
Totally Bound Publishing
190 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Steven has spent his entire life trying to protect his younger brother Adal from their abusive father. However, now that Adal has found his mate, Steven’s mission has become to kill his father, he does not expect to survive the encounter.

Shaun is best friends with Cole and is a wolf shifter. He also happens to be in love with Cole, but he believes that Cole is not his mate and so has not acted on his feelings.

Cole is Shaun’s best friend and has also secretly been in love with Shaun for years. Like Shaun, because he believes they are not mates, he has not acted on those feelings.

When Cole’s father, the local pack’s shaman sends Shaun and Cole on a mission to help a cat shifter who is in trouble, they have no idea that the meeting will do more than end in teeth and claws. In fact, both Shaun and Cole believe Steven is his mate. Neither realize that Steven is mate to them both initially. But Steven has had little to no socializing and while he loves the smell of the two wolf shifters, he does not believe they could be his mates. And he has a mission, a mission that he feels he must do alone. Will Shaun and Cole be able to convince Steven that he is their mate and that he does not have to do his mission alone? Or will Steven’s father win?

Bailey Bradford is one of my all time favorite authors! I do not believe she could write a bad book even if she tried. Hunt is no exception to this rule, and has everything that makes a Bailey Bradford book great, hot man love, gripping suspense, and a storyline that is so powerful you cannot put the book down. The emotions that Ms. Bradford is capable of evoking with her writing are just beyond words. If you have never read a Bailey Bradford book, then you are seriously deprived. They are like potato chips, you can’t eat or in this case read just one. You have to go out and buy the next one!

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