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H&W Investigation Novels
Book 1: Hunted by the Others
Book 2: Taken by the Others
Book 3: Deceived by the Other

ISBN#: 978-1-4201-1187-3
May 2010
Mass Market Paperback
352 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Shiarra Waynest is a private detective in post 9/11 New York. She is curvy with wild red hair and fair skin. She recently broke up with a werewolf boyfriend because he lied about what he was though she is afraid of vampires.

The Dominari Focus is a magical item that allows its holder to control both weres and vampires. It is currently missing and in the hands of someone who will misuse it and cause untold harm. It is an item of almost unimaginable power.

The world after 9/11 is very different; magi, weres, and vampires are out of hiding and living among humans openly but mostly separately. Shiarra’s contact with the Others has been limited and not entirely pleasant, but finances make it impossible to turn down the Circle’s offer of employment. Working with the magi brings her in contact with a very dangerous vampire who also wants to control her, add to this a human supremacist group and her Alpha werewolf ex and Shiarra is one very popular girl.

This story started out a bit slow, but it was necessary to set up the world that the characters inhabit. Once the plot picked up, the book was impossible to put down. The characters jump off the page, even the minor ones, and the story is fast moving and kept me on the edge of my seat. Royce and Chaz are very appealing and charismatic characters, and Arnold reminds me of a grown up Harry Potter. Shiarra and her partner, Sara, are a great team and very likable. The dialogue is witty and often sarcastic and Shia takes no guff from anyone. I am definitely going to be looking for the next book of the series.

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