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Immortal Pleasures

Book 1: Warrior Angel, Heart’s Desire
Book 2: Dark Angel, All the Stars

Immortal Pleasures, Book 3
ISBN: 9781920501686
September 24, 2011
Silver Publishing
87 Pages
Contemporary, Fantasy, Gay, Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

The Hunt is what he has lived for, for eternity, but now Azriel has something else to occupy his thoughts.

He built Redemption from the ground up, and Zane Peters will do whatever it takes to make it a success.

The Catch 22 that Azriel finds himself in is about to drive him mad. He must take out the Renegade Draken to achieve the status of Fallen and save Zane. He also has to ascend to be able to claim his mate, but without the Council’s approval, he could be banished to the Dark Realm forever. However that is a risk he is willing to take to have Zane safe, even if it means eternal damnation.

The hotness factor of the warrior angels in this series is blistering and it will make you want to read each and every one. I do suggest starting with book one, and personally, I would love to see a full length novel with a complete back history on all of the characters. I feel so much is left unsaid and these men are entirely too fascinating not to want to know more. Azriel and Zane are beyond the ordinary and every moment they share submerses you in their danger and desire.

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