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  The Gatherer's Series
  Book 1- Hunting Julian
  Book 2- Stealing Kathryn

ISBN- 9781420104257
January 2010
Zebra Books, a division of Kensington Publishing Corp.
Mass Market Paperback
$6.99 US/ $9.99 CAN
348 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Asia Callahan is a bounty hunter and a martial arts instructor. She is on a mission to find her missing sister, Kenya, who disappeared after spending time in the company of a man by the name of Julian Sawyer. Asia has picked up his trail and is determined to stop the man she believes is a psychopath.

Julian Sawyer is working as a bouncer in Florida when Asia walks into his club. He is also the leader of his colony in Beneath and a Gatherer. He gathers women who have endless amounts of energy and persuades them to go back to his world to help feed the people there.

Asia has a plan to stop Julian from killing another girl, but one kiss from him and they are knocking on the gates to Beneath – a plane that exists beneath the Earth where the people feed on energy. The Ampliphi – authority in Beneath - are not happy with Julian. He believes Asia is his kindra or mate. Ampliphi Kloe does not want to lose Julian as a Gatherer, but if Asia is his mate, there will be no other choice. Julian and Asia will face many battles between each other, the dangers of Beneath and the Ampliphi, but the biggest battle to be won is Asia’s battle within herself.

What a wonderful world Ms. Frank has created! I became enthralled in the story before I reached the end of the first chapter. Asia is such a strong and independent woman. The way she insists on taking help from no one is admirable, yet it proves to be quite lonely for her. Julian definitely gets to meet his match with her. He can be just as hardheaded as Asia. When these two finally get around to it, their lovemaking is so powerful and moving. The Gatherers is a new series and it starts off with a bang!

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