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ISBN# 0-7783-2307-2
June 2006
MIRA Books
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
Price: $7.99 U.S./$9.50 Canada
400 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Julie Minton, counselor to young teens, brings some teen cutters to an island near Naples, Florida for some therapy after remodeling her family’s resort. When her daughter goes Jet Skiing with a boy, Julie learns she knows more about the other girls, she counsels, than her own daughter. With a hurricane forthcoming, she pushes every button to locate her.

Zack Brockman, widower, and charter fishing operator, is a former military soldier with Special Ops. His son knows about safety on the water but he will go in the search with Julie.

Randi, Julie’s fourteen-year-old daughter, has a crush on an older boy unbeknownst to her mother.

Seventeen-year-old Thad Brockman heads out on a Jet Ski with Randi, unaware about any real impending dangers.

There is something chaotic approaching when Julie cannot locate her daughter, and it is not her temper. Weather forecasters predict that Hurricane Dana is strongly bearing toward the islands. After hearing about the other teen, Julie decides to see Zack Brockman. Zack has not heard from his son but knows he can handle himself on the water. With the law enforcement officials distracted with the impending, the hurricane they have no for the wayward teens leaving Julie and Zack take matters into their hands. As the residents of southwest Florida hurriedly prepare for evacuation, Julie and Zack refuse to leave without their children. Time is running out with the imminent strapping, turbulent winds that only mean devastating disaster. No doubt, the teenagers thought the warning would pass by but instead the hurricane turned toward the shore. If that was not enough, Julie and Zack find themselves in the middle of another battle when they are summoned for questioning over a body and information leading to possible drugs. Nothing is going to keep Julie from going after her child, no sheriff and definitely no ferocious hurricane. She and Zack have only one concern, to reach their children in time before complete destruction carries all of them into the eye of the storm.

Hurricane is one convincing story. The characters are determined, strong and layered with multi-emotions in a read that reaches deep. Julie, Randi, Zack, and Thad, emit sensations that dust throughout the pages. Ms. Harper takes the reader on one harrowing fast ride not only with a brewing storm bent on explosive destruction but characters in a heart-wrenching situation. The secondary in-depth characters add the right elements to make this story terrific. Her writing is tight, sharp, and places the reader into the lives of families that must escape their homes when Mother Nature takes over. This reader could feel the energy, the drama and the heartbreak and that was with the storm. Worrying about a child, out in danger, was an encounter in this compelling read that made this reader practically feel the sensations of the parents. Hurricane is not only extraordinary but one rare read that will be well remembered. A poignant, yet dynamic read that rates a category 5.

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